Our Approach to ESG

Through its business activities, the Yamaha Group intends to contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have been established as common global goals.

[ Image ] An image of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Moving forward, we will work to implement product and service development and business process improvement with an awareness of the goals and targets for each SDG. These efforts will reflect our sustainability priorities, such as music promotion activities to address Goal 4, "Quality Education", and sustainability procurement of timber to address Goal 12, "Responsible Consumption and Production", and Goal 15 "Life on Land".

For sustainable improvement of corporate value

[ Image ] For sustainable improvement of corporate value

Throughout its long history, Yamaha has continuously pursued the ideal structure for corporate governance to meet the needs of the times and improve its corporate value in the future. In June 2017, we have transitioned to a Company with Three Committees (Nominating, Audit, and Compensation), to make clear separation between the oversight and execution of management, thereby strengthening management oversight functions and accelerating management execution. New structure consist of 7 members on the Board of Directors, including five outside directors. Going forward, we will aim further to enhance our corporate governance and sustainable improvement on our corporate value.

Yamaha Recognized with Award for Corporate Governance of the Year™ 2018
(Grand Prize Company)

In February 2019, the Japan Association of Corporate Directors recognized Yamaha as the winner of its Grand Prize Company award for Corporate Governance of the Year™ 2018*. This award, which began in 2015, recognizes companies that are pursuing healthy medium and long-term growth through corporate governance, and the award was conceived to encourage improvement in the profitability of Japanese companies, which is one of the aims of the government’s growth strategy.

  • * Corporate Governance of the Year™ is a registered trademark of the Japan Association of Corporate Directors.

[ Image ] Yamaha Recognized with Award for Corporate Governance of the Year™ 2018 (Grand Prize Company)

For sustainable society and business

[ Image ] A scene of tree planting

As one of environment initiatives, we are making researches on African Blackwood, a rare wood resource produced in the Republic of Tanzania, that has been used to manufacture musical instrument and have started the project of forest management and tree planting with community members. We are working on to construct business model for steady procurement of the African Blackwood as a material for musical instrument leading to development of sustainable society.

For creating enriched society and further market expansion

As one of social initiatives, we have been promoting the "school project" program in public elementary schools primarily in Asian regions, providing instruments, educational materials, and instructional know-how to public elementary schools in a packaged format, aiming to create enriched society and develop music culture. Currently, we have held this program in six countries with above 710,000 students participating. We are also working to extend this program to different countries. This program aims children to experience the joy of musical instruments as well as to increase the population of playing musical instruments at emerging countries and to expand markets.

[ Image ] A scene from the School Project

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